George V

1910 - 1936

Edward VIII


George VI

1936 - 1952

Elizabeth II
From 1952

HOUSE OF WINDSOR:    1910 - 

The panelling and pavement around the Sanctuary date from 1912 – a memorial to the Reverend Barry Cole, curate and Rector for 42 years.

The panels of the Ten Commandments were painted in 1950 by Len Dunkinson, organist and choir master at St Blasius for some years.

The stalls in the chancel were for the use of the Popham family, whose chapel this was.

The Baptistery was converted to a Parish Room in 1997. The work designed and supervised by Eric Walsh one of the church wardens at the time, was carried out by local craftsmen.

This room houses the Silkstead chest and a case containing a family Bible of the Popham family.

In 2003 the kneeler cushions in the sanctuary, embroidered by Mrs Anne Burnett, were dedicated for use.

On February 1st 2004 a window in memory of the Reverend Canon Edmund Dana, rector of the parish from 1949 – 1962, was dedicated.

Normans & Plantagenets

Tudors & Stuarts

Tudors & Stuarts

House of Hanover

House of Windsor

This timeline has been compiled from the original on display at St Blasius Old Church Shanklin

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