George I

1714 - 1727

George II

1727 - 1760

George III

1760 - 1820

George IV

1820 - 1830

William IV

1830 - 1837

In the eighteenth century the parish register records the first baptism, first marriage and first burial at St Blasius.

In 1788 the chapel is recorded as still maintained by the patrons, William Hill and Sarah Popham.

In the early years of the nineteenth century there were few changes except for more recorded baptisms and marriages. There are records of disagreements between incumbents and patrons. The easy going ways, when no one seemed particularly concerned about areas of power, were becoming insufficient.

HOUSE OF HANOVER:    1714 - 1901


1837 - 1901


Changes appeared rapidly in the parish –

1838 – baptism of John Daish, hotelkeeper
1864 – baptism of the child of a railway worker
1865 – baptism of the child of the stationmaster

The coming of the railway in 1864, caused by the increasing popularity of Shanklin led to the further growth of the town. Work on the enlargement of the church began in 1852. It was lengthened, the north and south transepts were added and the roof raised by 5 – 6 feet with a bell turret constructed at the intersection. The Reverend George Southhouse guided the enlargement.

The window of Christ with the twelve apostles was a memorial to him and at the west end of the nave the organ loft was erected, replacing the flute and clarinet accompaniment of earlier years. The baptistery was built at this time and until 1997 the font was in this room. In 1853 the church became a parish church in its own right and shortly afterwards the first person was interred in the church yard.

The pulpit was made in the mid 19th century using panels of Flemish or German carving – probably 17th century.

Normans & Plantagenets

Tudors & Stuarts

Tudors & Stuarts

House of Hanover

House of Windsor


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Edward VII
1901 - 1910

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