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St. Blasius Old Parish Church

Shanklin, Isle of Wight


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Members of the St Blasius Church Choir taken recently at Quarr Abbey

St Blasius Church Choir 2017

"A heritage of sacred choral music, a strong sense of community, and working as a team within the context of Christian worship and church life"
Dr Tim Williams, St Wulfram's, Grantham.

This is what the choir and organists try to build on at  St Blasius', and the congregation is very appreciative and sing very heartily!  We support the services in every way we can, and from time to time we add in anthems, psalms and special items, particularly at Matins and at our Carol Service.  Hymns are generally mainstream, from "Hymns Old and New".

We are fortunate to have some very experienced singers and organists.  The full SATB choir was built up by the late Mary Dalladay, a fine musician. We are an inclusive, not exclusive, choir and welcome new members, but it is helpful if you can read music.  

If you love singing but are hesitant about joining us because you do not have a strong faith, please don't be.  All we ask is regular attendance, and there is always the possibility that music may awaken in you a search for the sacred and a desire to learn more about the message of the Gospels, as expressed in music.  If  not, there are always the cheese scones and coffee at "Teddies" after choir practice, which is at 10am on Wednesdays.

If your children are interested in singing with us, please do contact me to discuss how we can include them.

Coral Bratherton - Choir Director

Coral Bratherton