An incomplete list of incumbents and patrons

1297 Henry Coterel (Chapel of St. John the Baptist)

1305 William Coterell

1382 Allan de Sleddale (Chapel, chantry of St. Blaise)

1406 William Hubt

1457 John Longricke, presented by John Lysle

1472 Robert Peverell (Free Chapel of Shanklin Manor)

1519 Henry Bottell, patron Sir John Lisle
            (St. John the Baptist Chapel)

1527 Roger Hall, patron Thomas Lysle
            (St. Boniface, Bonchurch with St. Blaise)

1570 Richard Cook, patron Thomas Denys
            (Bonchurch and Shanklyng)

1604 William Hayes, patron Thomas Denys.
            (Bonchurch and the chapel of Shanklin)

1672 William Torrie

1719 William Downes, patron Sir John Popham

1761 Cornelius Norwood, patron Elizabeth Popham
            (Bonchurch and Shanklin)

1766 Joseph Hewson (Bonchurch with Chapel of Shanklin)

1805 Justly Hill: Rector of Bonchurch and Shanklin

1853 G.W. Southouse

1880 Barry W. Cole

1912 R. M. Curwen, patron Mrs. White-Popham

1921 R.A. Storrs.

1937 R.M.A. Whitaker

1939 C.V. Hawkins

1949 E. F. K. Dana

1962 W.D.L. Falconer

1971 K.F.A. Parkinson

1991 A.W. Swanborough: N.S.M. priest-in-charge

2011 Victor Standing: priest-in-charge

2015 Tony Richards: local minister

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An incomplete list of incumbents and patrons

Photographs of all the incumbents from the Rev. Justly Hill onwards (when St. Blasius became a parish church in its own right) are displayed in the clergy vestry


I am very grateful to the following for their invaluable help in preparing this guide:

Pam Tromans, for compiling and editing the material, Richard Cave for his researching of the historical material and to Roger Hayward, for the colour photography.

Without their efforts this guide would still be an unrealised dream.

~ Alan Swanborough - Priest-in-charge

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