St Andrew's Anglican Church in Techiman Municipality, Ghana, West Africa

June, 2015

Heavy rain over the last 2 days has caused flooding in the west African countries of Togo, Benin and Ghana. Parts of Côte d’Ivoire have also been affected, in particular Abidjan, which saw 76 mm of rain fall in the last 24 hours.


At least 90 people have been killed in a fuel station explosion in Accra, said to have been caused after flood waters swept stored gasoline into a nearby fire. Hundreds of people in Accra have been forced from their homes by the flooding, which has also affected power supplies.

Ghana’s Communications Ministry said in a statement: “Many suburbs of Accra and surrounding parts have been heavily affected, leading to heavy restriction of movement of people. The general public is kindly advised to avoid fast-moving rainwater and areas they know have big drains. Stay on higher ground, where necessary, to prevent loss of life.”

Axim, South Ghana, which lies about 300 km east of Accra saw 88 mm of rain fall in 24 hours to 03 June 2015.

Latest letter (with pictures) to David Tamcken from Barnabas highlighting the damage to the chapel by the storms.

Hello David,

I'm however saddened to inform you that a rain storm has accidentally hit the new chapel destroying all the pillars in front of the building, beams on top and in front of the chapel as well as some metals on the roof are beyond repairs. The damage is such that it may take another year or two to rebuild. It is indeed unfortunate because we had finished everything for the roofing to take place. Find attached pictures showing the state of the building, compare them to those ones I sent recently during the continuation of the project. Kindly make them available to our link and Graham.

I seriously need your prayers because my toil for the past three years has been in vain,


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