St Andrew's Anglican Church in Techiman Municipality, Ghana, West Africa

Our link with Revd Canon Barnabas OKOH at St Andrew's Anglican Church in Techiman Municipality, Ghana, West Africa began in 2012.

At the start:
extract from Barnabas' email
October, 2012

I have attached some pictures of the mission house and the church building of my new station. The pictures show the front and the back view of the mission house, both sides of the skeletal chapel, the front view and the views of the old small chapel inside the new structure and the compound. The mission house is not plastered let alone painted.

They are yet to connect water into the house. I'm going to have to start all over again. I need your prayers seriously to be able to bring life and beauty into the church.

June, 2013

The Mission House watertight at last

Some background information from Inter-Diocesan West Africa Link (IDWAL)

Our diocese has many links throughout the world, but our oldest and strongest links are with the Anglican Provinces of West Africa and Nigeria. IDWAL (formed in 1978) is the umbrella organisation under which links of friendship and partnership are sustained between Anglican Christians in West Africa and the adjacent English Dioceses of Chichester, Guildford and Portsmouth. 

Since 1998, Portsmouth’s links have been primarily with Ghana; the parish of Alverstoke maintains a longstanding partnership with the Diocese of Wusasa in Nigeria. 

The purpose of our partnerships is for mutual encouragement and support in Christian faith and mission. Links are maintained by email, ‘phone, text, and other social media, by letter, through prayer, and particularly by personal visits, which make links come alive. Some 40 parishes and schools in our diocese have effective links.

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June 2015 - Rain storms cause devastation to the chapel in Techiman Municipality.

Click here to read Barnabas’ latest letter.

“I seriously need your prayers because my toil for the past three years has been in vain”

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