Pentecost Beach Clean

When Victor announced that the Bishop was asking every parish in the Diocese to mark the weekend of Pentecost with an outreach activity which would bless their local community, our Mothers’ Union branch came up with a suggestion. How about a Parish Beach Clean? The idea was immediately accepted as being fun for us and an excellent way of engaging with and helping our Parish.

Lesley Hampshire of Green Towns, Isle of Wight ( offered to come too and provide sacks and other items for collecting rubbish and also organise the disposal of the sacks afterwards by the Council. The beach between Shanklin Chine and Horse Ledge was our target area, as it lay inside St Blasius’ parish boundary.

A  group of about 25 helpers (of all ages from 6 upwards) plus a dog, met on the beach in lovely warm sunshine and after over an hour’s hard work, eighteen black bags of an amazing assortment of rubbish had been collected.

Passers-by and holiday-makers chatted to us and congratulated us on our efforts and we proudly stuck our St Blasius church banner in the sand so that everyone knew where we came from. The afternoon finished with a welcome picnic tea on our lovely clean beach!

Marion Standing, Branch Leader

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